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Talking Picked up by Inferno Red SLT last Monday

Have been looking at the Nitro for a few weeks now. Needed to upgrade my wife from her sidekick. Wanted something safe with 4 wheel drive for her and my 6 month old daughter. You know your growing up when the first thing you look at is the safety features a car offers. lol When I was younger buying a car was all about the HP, stereo and how nice the rims look.

Had taken out the Nitro and really liked how solid it felt in every aspect, from the feel of the drive to the sound the doors made when you closed them. A solid thunk unlike some other SUV’s that have more of a clank. I like to know as much as possible about anything I purchase so I pretty much knew more than the dealer about the Nitro. A lot of the info was from forums like this one so I thank you for that. Have only had it for a week but I like it more and more. The wife likes it to, all though she wanted the orange which I feel is just too trendy. The dealer Had 2 Orange SE nitro's and they sold fast and one slt which also sold. Dealer said he has 4 more in the orange ordered for customers. So I talked the wife into the Red which I like. The Yes essential interior is also great for kids. All in all a very safe feeling vehicle.

Now for the kid in me.

I love the sound the V6 makes when you put your foot down. The feel of being pushed back into the seat as the Nitro takes off. The styling is tuff which I love. The wheels are awesome with the 17" rims and the wranglers. The on board computer is cool. I love being able to control so much stuff. The stereo sounds great. I love the looks I get when I pull into a parking lot. Mostly from the guys driving the other look alike SUV's and mini vans. I like to rev the engine a bit once parked just to here that rumble. Glad I went with the SLT, nothing against the SXT owners I just like the body color bumper and the little extra interior stuff you get with the slt. I also got if for cheaper because I work for a railway that gets employee discounts. Basically 25 bucks more then invoice.

Love it so far and will post my experience as it goes.

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