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2010 dodge nitro engine issues

Hi I recently bought a nitro for my wife and when we tried it out it was running awesome and we decided to make a offer and he accepted it. All was great until the engine light came on and it was missing at this time. I put all new plugs and a coil on the cylinder that was causing the problem. Its cylinder 6. Well after taking it to the dealer they said it could be a sticky valve or burnt valve and only way to know for sure is continue to take it apart but unfortunately I can't afford it at the moment so I put it back together and tried cleaning the valves with a cleaner. It does seam better and the only time you can feel it miss is at a idle in gear. Besides that it runs awesome. My question is what other makes has the same engine as the nitro. I heard that the caravan also has a v6 4.0 liter and was wondering will it bolt it properly and work or at least will the heads bolt on correctly and work on my nitro? Any help with this is appreciated. For know I guess we have to run it as is. Hoping that itll be ok for awhile until I can get back to work and afford to fix it properly. No engine code so far. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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