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2. Itís Smooth

It might seem like a small consideration for a rough-and-tumble Jeep, but this powertrain is also smooth. Itís something youíre sure to notice on the highway or even your next off-road adventure. Unlike your typical four-banger, eTorque-equipped Wranglers are a paragon of refinement. This drivetrain is polished and quiet running no matter where the tachometer needle points, though it does emit a bit of a growl under heavy acceleration, which is always welcome.

1. Optional but Affordable

Are you starting to see why this four-cylinder powertrain is the best one offered in a Wrangler? Responsive, efficient and refined, thereís really only one reason to steer clear and thatís because it costs extra. eTorque is available in nearly every version of the Wrangler as a $1,000 option. That upcharge might be a bit much in a base two-door model, but itís a drop in the bucket with the Unlimited Rubicon we tested, which stickered for nearly $57,000. And even at a grand, itís still likely way less expensive than the upcoming EcoDiesel will be.

If you can afford that modest upcharge and are willing to live without a manual transmission Ė remember, eTorque models are automatic only Ė this hybridized 2.0-liter turbo is the engine to get in a Jeep Wrangler.


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