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Sorry Bren for all your issues with your Nitro. My previous Links back on 11/11/2018 like the 210 page Chrysler MEDIA CENTER 730N RHR Manuals should have answered and corrected all issues you had. It is not the norm and at the time I suspected something else has taken place.

First off, the 2011 Dodge Nitro used a new RHR N730 GPS radio replacing the 2007-2010 GPS REP radio. Could have been a factory issue, or? I would think you may need to verify at some time by removing your present radio.

(1) Did your purchase this vehicle new?

(2) Do you have the original window sticker? What does it say about the radio option?

(3) Was this radio installed by the Dealership or a previous owner?

(4) If so, this is an issue since you can not just switch radios and they will work. Look back to 2007 Nitro’s where many wanted to switch their factory radio and install a GPS REP one! Some Dealers tried and failed big time when a customer said I will purchase that Nitro if you will install a GPS radio and they attempted to swap one from another Nitro. Chrysler never made a kit but at the time you could purchase microphone and harness to help aftermarket (now discontinued). This was since they did not have the correct rear-view factory mirror and even if they purchased the expensive unit there was no wiring to hook it up. If you research this Site you will see many never were successful.

(5) Do you have the correct factory rear view mirror for your radio? See picture.

(6) Some radios must be scanned into the vehicle’s computer by a Dealer to work.
VIN # should show what radio is factory installed VIN Decoder

(7) Repair or replace, or helpful professional help may be required. I doubt that any Chrysler Dealership (if you could afford their hourly rate) would be the place to visit first. Many “Online” might be the place to start for suggestions or recommendations. Could be a Local shop. GOOD LUCK


Dodge Nitro: Uconnect™ Multimedia (satellite radio) (ren/req/rer/res radios only)

How to fix the radio in a Dodge Nitro



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