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Alternator/starting issue.

First issue: as I was driving I noticed smoke coming from my*engine and a nasty rubber smell, I pulled over checked under the hood my alternator was extremely hot and pumping out smoke, being only about 15km from my house I unplugged the alternator in Hope's that the remaining life in the battery would get me to my driveway, unfortunately it didnt my entire vehicle shut down/died and I was forced to call a tow. When he showed up the vehicle was completely drained he put a booster pack on it just to get the vehicle into neutral but he did not attempt to start it just putting power to move it from park to neutral, also the previous night I heard a screeching and whine noise from the front end that increased when I accelerated.nothing overheated or any and the sound diminished while driving. Heard it again this morning when I left..... So I'm guessing my alternator seized or is fried? The alternator pulley will rotate when I pull on the belt. But is my battery also shot?*

Second issue: At my driveway I attempt to start the vehicle to put the front windows up, we hooked a running vehicle to my battery with cables(cheap ones from a road kit that came with the jeep) the dash lit up my headlights came on, I attempt to put the windows up and the front windows wont go up, I check the back and they work fine up and down. So I attempt to start the vehicle and it wouldn't even roll over just the one click noise of a dead battery then nothing. I attempt once more and my friend yells that the wires are melting. We stop everything remove wires and my alternator is so hot I cant touch it.*
Today I attempt to put the vehicle into neutral from the park position again I need to hook a running vehicle battery up to mine.... when I turn the key(NOT ATTEMPTING TO CRANK OVER) just putting power to the computer to get it to neutral....I attempt to put it in gear and roll the windows up the cables again start to smoke alternator hot again. What the HELL
-Did i not leave the batter to charge long enough and the cables being cheap caused them to melt under load?*
- is a possible diode blown in the alternator and drawing power directly from the running vehicles battery causing an overload of power that causes the cables to melt?
-Why in the hell wont my front windows work was there possibly a major power surge and fried my components? As stated above the cluster lights up the vehicle displays all light up headlights work when attached to the running vehicle, just no front window control.

Please excuse the huge write up but I figure more information is better then less.
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