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Talking I got a Nitro for Christmas!!

Hey there!

Don't want to brag, but my husband has got to be the greatest guy ever!
I love my new Nitro!

The short version, for those of you who want just the facts:

Electric Blue SLT 4X4 with the "F" Package", gray running boards, and the stereo with AM/FM DVD/MP3 6-disk changer. Remote Start and Alarm System will be installed next week.

Picked it up from the dealer on Thursday night. It was one of 8 total on the lot, one of only 2 SLT 4X4s, and the only one in Electric Blue (dealer says it's the only one in the NE Ohio area right now). We got it for $400 over invoice, and they were so easy to work with. It was a terrific experience

Nothing on the lot (or in the State, according to the inventory lists) had the perfect configuration, but we couldn't wait, seeing as how a Jeep doing 20mph totalled my little yellow Neon R/T on Monday last.

I will post pics as soon as we finish all of our holiday travel.

We've put about 300 miles on it, and so far so good. He usually drives a Durango, and he's almost as excited about it as I am. I've never driven an SUV (except for the occasional trek in the Durango), and I was nervous about it. The Nitro is helping me get over it, though. Turning radius is tight, it handles like a dream, and it's got plenty of power under the hood. I'm falling in love with Nitro!

I do have some questions. Can any of you help me out here?

I'm trying to figure out if the existing stereo is Sirius ready. Anyone have any idea? I don't see the logo, but I read on one of the sites that it is. We have a portable unit, but I'd rather it be integrated. Also, any word on whether U-Connect can be added by the dealer? My dash has all the little buttons for it, but it's not installed.

Ok, so I guess that wasn't very short after all, but I'm just over the moon about blue bombshell?

Merry merry merry Christmas, everyone.
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