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Dodge Nitro: Rear Wiper Blade

I went "On-Line" to search for replacement wiper blades for my Wife's 2010 Ford Taurus Limited since they were 26" on the drivers side and 20" on the passengers side. Found a great site with a reference a current ANCO $15 per pair factory rebate per pair.

With this present rebate and free shipping I decided to add a set for my Nitro too.


More research was needed to replace the rear Nitro blade. The original factory 11" part number is 05140655AB for my 07 but found it was not listed on many Sites. With more research found that if I used 2011 as the year of my vehicle it showed a 12" blade being used. Don't know if the 2011 Nitro actually used a 12" rear blade or that it is now the replacement blade for ALL Nitros. Ordered a 12" replacement blade and installed it.

If you can not find a replacement 11" blade locally and want a 12" blade instead, here are some part numbers that will work.


Valeo .....R-12B


Front- No issue installing front ANCO 19" blades

How to change 2007 Dodge Nitro wiper blades

Rear- I had issues removing old blade. Read you could push down towards the glass but could find any release button. Thought I would just remove the arm and take it inside and view from the back for a release, but the arm didn't want to come off either! Finally just broke the original blade off (pushed out the remaining broken pin ) and clicked on the new blade.

Laugh Of The Day

How often should I replace my wiper blades?

Experts recommend replacing your wipers every six months. Research suggests most people wait between 18 months and three years.


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