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Re: My Wife's Nitro

Originally Posted by MyBluNITRO
Nice post. Glad you found the perfect ride. Hope it goes on and on and on...
It WILL go on and on and on....whatever it takes.

I rather suspect, this one will be a 'keeper' for a pretty good while. They'll have to do quite a bit to better reflect just what we were looking for.

Regardless of what CR says.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the first full tank reflects, fuel mileage-wise.

When we took the Cruiser to the dealer the next day (being it was late when we got back from purchasing the Nitro, and didn't have time to search the owner's manual), I asked how to get the "CAL" to stop flashing. No one knew.
While driving the Nitro back home (I got to drive!), my wife found it in the manual. For a moment, I thought she was pulling my leg.
Found a parking lot, not too busy, and fitting the other criteria. After 3 rounds, it quit.
When I called them the next day, to bestow upon them my knowledge in the matter, they thought I was pulling their leg.
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