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Hypertech® - Max Energy Programmer

Hypertech® - Max Energy Programmer
2010 Dodge Nitro

Dodge Nitro 3.7L 2010, Max Energy Programmer by Hypertech®. Premium Fuel: HP Gain 25, TQ Gain 25. Regular Fuel: HP Gain 24, TQ Gain 24. The Max Energy Programmer series provides high levels of power and economy for gasoline engines, with specific tuning applications geared for regular unleaded gasoline and E-85 Flex Fuel vehicles. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this programmer also offers a host of innovative features listed below. Control of cooling fan kick-on temperature. Factory rev limiter. Calibrate speedometer for different gear ratios. Calibrate speedometer for tire sizes 22.5"-44". Top vehicle speed adjustment. You’ll be able to read diagnostic trouble codes and clear them. CARB E.O.: D-260-15.
Hypertech Fuel Economy Hypertech Tuning Hypertech FAQ


Designed specifically for gasoline engines
Read, display, and clear diagnostic trouble codes and check engine lights
Calibrates speedometer for different size tires and gear ratios
Manually adjust limits for top vehicle speed and engine rpms
Adjust transmission shift points and firmness
Control the coolant temperature at which cooling fans kick on
Internet updatable when new programming software is released
Calibrate or eliminate V8 engine cutoff to 4-cylinder mode
Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty
Proudly manufactured in the United States

The gasoline engine Max Energy hand-held tuner from Hypertech® gives you the ability to increase power, mileage, and towing ability along with other great features competitors don’t offer. But first, Max Energy series come loaded to optimize spark and fuel curves at all rpm levels, across all throttle openings for your specific vehicle. What does this mean? Economy is increased at part throttle and steady cruising applications, and usable horsepower and torque are increased when the throttle is used more aggressively, or when towing mode is selected. Controlling electronic automatic transmission functions keeps the torque converter from unlocking and gears from downshifting when you need steadier drivability for towing. Additionally, you can expect to see fuel economy gains of 2 to 6 miles per gallon depending on driving conditions. All Max Energy units come with a USB cable and CD for initial activation using your computer. Should new software tunes for your specific vehicle be introduced in the future, they can easily be downloaded from Hypertech’s internet site.

If you have a V8 engine with a cylinder cutoff mode to run on 4 cylinders, the Max Energy Gasoline Power Programmer allows you to vary the parameters of when that occurs, or turn the cutoff function off altogether. For vehicles originally designed to run on lower octane regular gasoline, a performance enhancing algorithm is created for running on regular octane. And if you wish to use super unleaded in your lower-octane rated vehicle, a second power level is created to adapt fuel and timing to make the most out of it – something your vehicle won’t do on its own. A speedometer calibrator function allows correction of speedometer readings when non-stock tires or gear ratios are installed. If that’s not enough, the Max Energy programmer also reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes so you can turn check engine lights off. All Hypertech products are backed with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.



Nitro Year: 2007 (1 of 91,815 sold in 07)
Nitro Model: R/T 4X4 Stone White
CAT-BACK Exhaust, CAI, Projector Head Lamps
Fully-Equipped w/all factory options
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