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Stevemunoz 11-22-2018 09:46 AM

07 nitro 42rle shifter adjustment
I am working on a 2007 Nitro with the 3.7 v6 and a 42RLE transmission. I replaced the transmission lines from transmission to the cooler as well as the quick connect fittings going into the transmission. Along with this the shifting mechanism was froze up on the the transmission and I freed it up.
Apparently the shifter was frozen and someone tried to yank it to get it into gear. I have everything back together now but the shifter cable won’t allow the transmission to engage in park. If you remove the cable from the shifter linkage the transmission will engage all gears, but with the cable attached you can pull it enough to engage in the park position but once the shifter is run thru the gears the cable does not have enough throw to push the linkage back into park, the indicator on the dash just says it’s in reverse.
Is there an adjustment on the cable to achieve the little bit more I need to engage park?

rickaren 11-22-2018 10:31 AM

2007 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 42RLE - Service Information -


Best I can do for now (2 Links) , Got to go to eat turkey Hope this helps. Happy Thanksgiving

rickaren 11-22-2018 04:06 PM

Fix your Dodge Nitro shift cable
Fix your Dodge Nitro shift cable

Published on Mar 7, 2017
This shift cable bushing repair kit allows you to fix your Dodge Nitro shift cable bushing very easily. It takes about 2 minutes and comes with a lifetime warranty. It's made from better material than the factory bushing so it'll last longer.

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