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rickaren 10-08-2013 10:57 AM

Recall Alert: Chevrolet Sonic

General Motors has issued a recall for the 2013 and 2014 Chevrolet Sonic. However, according to an email from GM, the recall doesn't cover include every 2013 and 2014 Sonic on the road or in dealerships: just 1,558 vehicles in the U.S. and another 100 in Canada.


The recall stems from a problem with the straps that hold the Sonic's fuel tank in place. Apparently, some of those straps were improperly welded, and over time, that could cause the fuel tank to become dislodged. If that happens, the fuel tank could end up resting on the exhaust pipe or the fuel tank shield.

Unfortunately, neither of those elements is designed to support the weight of the fuel tank, meaning that the tank could ultimately separate from the vehicle. If that happens, the likelihood of a gas leak would grow exponentially, and leaky gas is, of course, a recipe for fire.

GM hasn't indicated the criteria for the Sonic recall, but given the relatively low number of units included, it's probably limited to vehicles that were manufactured at specific times or with special equipment. The company says that the flaw was discovered at the assembly plant, and it has received no notice of problems, crashes, or fatalities associated with it.

Most of the affected vehicles are believed to be in dealer stock. GM hasn't said when it will notify owners of the recall, but given the severity of the problem, we'd expect it to be very soon. If you own a Sonic, listen for an unusual rattling or scraping noise, which could indicate a problem. If you're concerned, we recommend that you contact your dealer or call Chevrolet customer service at 800-222-1020.

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