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  • rmurphy ·
    Hello all,

    I am new to the community and of course need help. I am working with my friends 2009 Dodge Nitro. According to him shortly after he bought the car randomly the warning sound for his e-brake would come on even if it wasn't. Then, only about 2 months ago we were coming back from town and the power locks started locking and unlocking of their own accord, shortly afterwards the stopped working and even his unlock button on his keys wouldn't work. So now the car can only be unlocked with the keys and then manually by pulling up the locks. I thought it might be a problem with a fuse when I looked there was a fuse out. I think it was a 25 W in the M28 location. I disconnected the negative terminal on the battery and put in the new fuse. As soon as I touched the negative terminal back to the battery is sparked and blew the fuse. Now the dome lights won't come on when the door is open and the ignition doesn't work at all. I can put in the key but nothing happens.
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