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  1. Cabin air filter replacement- Dodge Nitro

    General Discussion
    Purchased a second-hand dodge 2011 just 3 weeks ago and inspect some parts needed to be replaced. Installed Part number 68033193AA and seller said he usually change it every 1 year but I know this should be changed every 3 years. Question is why...
  2. Great education on nitro (not the car!)

    General Discussion
    If I use this for off-roading would you recommend it?
  3. Do anyone has a PDF manual?

    General Discussion
    what model What model do you have? I have copies for nitro 15-18
  4. Switching to other model

    General Discussion
    I have a Promaster and would also love to get another truck. What model is more fuel-efficient and is really for off-road? Would also love to hear about other brands like Jeep.
  5. Does waterless car wash work

    Interior/Exterior Appearance & Modifications
    I tried using waterless car wash and it works but you really need to put extra effort in removing stubborn stains. This is also helpful if you are an eco-friendly person.
1-5 of 5 Results