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  1. Issues.

    Problems / Dealer Service
    No mate, there's no check engine alerts etc, I'll just go with the usual suspects and change the plugs first, thought there might've been similar experiences from members though. Thanks for the links
  2. Issues.

    Problems / Dealer Service
    3.7 and 160K Km Tow/Haul button
  3. Issues.

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Gday, So there's an issue with the dodge breaking down under load, seems worse on cruise control on an incline. Engaging the Tow/Haul when it's breaking down does help slightly but doesn't totally eradicate it.. I thought fuel pump,fuel filter at first, not having changed or worked on before...
  4. 36" LED Light Bar

    Interior/Exterior Appearance & Modifications
    Gday, Seen a few light bars mounted on the roof either on racks or home made mounts, wondering if anyone else has mounted their bar to the skirt as we have.
  5. Gday

    New Member Introductions
    Just a quick Gday, Only joined today and solved a mystery about the correct plugs for the Dodge so cheers :grin2: Ozzy
1-5 of 5 Results