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15 Photos Of People Who Should Have Never Modified Their Dodge

Here are some hilarious images of modified Dodge cars proving that sometimes, it's wiser to just leave the car stock.

While there are some cars that should never be tampered with, most cars can easily be modified to look incredibly long as you respect their image and style instead of ruining it. Dodge cars and SUVs respond well to modification, but as you'll see from this list, there are so many ways modifying a Dodge can go wrong.

To say that the following owners went way too far with modifications would be an understatement, and we feel sorry for the beautiful Dodge cars that got ruined in the process. Turning a sports car into a limo is one example, and donking out a pickup is another. But that's only the beginning.

Read on to see 15 hilarious images of dumb things owners did when modifying their Dodge cars.

15 An OTT Stretched Dodge Viper Limousine

How tacky does this stretched Dodge Viper look? This Dodge Viper RT/10 Limousine was shown at SEMA Show and featured racing buckets as well as bench seats, and came in a convertible avatar. There is only one city in the world where it won’t raise eyebrows, and that's Vegas.

14 A Dodge Charger R/T With Scissor Doors

Ever since exotic Italian cars started featuring scissor doors, misinformed owners started thinking these would make their muscle car cooler. The Dodge Charger is a muscle car that also doubles up as a family car because it has four doors, so modifying the front set of doors while leaving the rear doors stock is all the more ridiculous. But, considering the paint job and the donked-out wheels, that's the least of this Charger's concerns.

13 A Psychedelic Purple Donk Of A Dodge Challenger

The white limo Dodge Viper on top looks almost tame in comparison to this Dodge Challenger wearing sky-high Rucci rims and a psychedelic purple shade of paint. Wheels like this eliminate any drivability, completely ruining the purpose of this great muscle car.

12 The Two-Faced Dodge Charger

This owner was clearly on the fence about what shade of paint he wanted on his car. Probably why this Dodge Charger wears a ridiculous shade of pink in the front and an equally zonked out shade of green in the rear. Maybe it belongs to a couple, and they decided to simply put two shades on rather than fight over it.

11 Butterfly Doors On An Orange Dodge Neon?

The Dodge Neon was both a good and a bad car, depending on how you looked at it. It was cheap, but it came with cheap parts, which this dude seems to have replaced at a great cost. Not only did the Neon never come in this shade of orange, it never had Lambo doors or skirts, either.

10 A Beastly, Too-High A Monster Dodge RAM 1500

The Dodge Ram (now simply the RAM) pickup trucks have had plenty of good years. They are sturdy vehicles and can handle rough terrains well. Making a monster truck out of a Ram 1500 is a cool enough idea, but this is just taking it too far.

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9 A Very Embarrassed Pink Dodge Magnum

The Dodge Magnum may have been retired in the late 2000s for being an underperformer, but the name still sounds masculine and capable. To have a Dodge Magnum wear a ridiculous shade of Barbie-pink just about killed whatever soul was left in the car, and turned it into a caricature of itself.

8 A Hot-Wheels Inspired Fiery Dodge Dart

This car looks like a little boy’s dream car come true. Most of us have had plenty of Hot Wheels cars in our childhood days, and once we become parents, the trend continues with our kids. The owner of this Dodge Dart never really grew out of his Hot Wheels phase, and it shows in this ridiculous paint job.

7 A Ram Pickup With A Rear Wing?

To the gentleman who did this to his Ram truck: rear wings or spoilers are put on sports cars not because they look good but because they reduce the drag coefficient and increase downforce (traction). Rear wings do absolutely nothing for trucks, aside from making their owner look ignorant.

6 A Zany Green Dodge Caliber With Gullwings

The Dodge Caliber was an odd enough vehicle, to begin with, but someone decided to paint it a chameleon green and add in scissor doors. This was part of the 2006 SEMA show and despite being a nine-year-old model, it had less than 650 miles on it, probably because all the owner did was customize it.

5 The Dodge Challenger Wears Plaid

All hail the Burberry Jesus, the Dodge Challenger that wears Burberry plaid. Though a bit zany, it certainly is eye-catching. Maybe a bit too eye-catching, as drivers are sure to find this thing incredibly distracting on the road.

4 The Dodge Charger Limo

There's a reason you don't see muscle cars stretched out into limos. This poor charger lost all of its functionality and road capability, being stretched out like a piece of gum. Knowing Vegas, we are pretty sure this limo will be somewhere in the city, ferrying admiring and drunk folk.

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3 A High-Reaching Dodge Nitro

The Dodge Nitro was a lemon. And when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? Probably why this Dodge Nitro owner has put on 28-inch rims on his car to at least get a little bit of attention. Sadly, this also meant sacrificing all off-road capability.

2 This Dodge Viper Wants To Fly

One look at this poor Dodge Viper and the only question we have, is why? A taller spoiler won't make the car faster, but it seems this owner didn't get that memo. What's even more puzzling, though, is what they used to extend the spoiler to such height. Is that wood?

1 The “Terminator” Dodge Charger

Remember that scene in The Terminator where the original baddie Arnold Schwarzenegger slowly loses his skin to reveal a metal skeleton with a red eye? Yeah, that's probably close to what this owner was aiming for with this bizarre rust-wrap.

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