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(1st post) Turn signals sticking?

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Hello all, I've been lurking for a couple weeks. I bought an SXT about 2 weeks ago, mainly for work, but it will do a little of everything. After about the 1st 3 days, my wife and I noticed the turn signal lever seems to stick when you use it for "lane changing". If you push on it just enough to make the signal blink and let go, it will not come back to the normal off position, and actually, if you try to help it back and go to far, it will stick in the opposite position blinking the opposite light. It doesnt do it every time, and it might be getting a little better the more I drive it, but I'm wondering if this is a common problem and if there might be a quick easy fix that doesnt require a trip to the dealer and them tearing into the column. Other then that, I really like the Nitro so far. I wish the factory warranty was better, but I plan to take great care of it. Ciao.
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The Nitro does have a "lane change" feature built into the turn signal switch. The purpose is when you "bump it" up or down, it will flash 3 times indicating a lane change. It is great once you get used to it!
I hope that is what you are seeing.
Good luck,
I noticed mine works intermittently. Sometimes for left, always for right.
Jonrs, I hope I'm following you right. Are you saying that they are "sticking" on purpose and they will go off after 3 blinks? I've never actually left it on to see how long they would stay on. I just try to push just enough to light the lights, then let go so they dont "stick". I'll try getting them "stuck" and see if they release on their own.
Looks like you were right! I was in a huge parking lot and decided to test the "lane change" feature, and it works as you described. You simply give it a small push and it will blink the signal 3 times, then stop. Knowing how to use it makes it a very convenient feature. Thanks!
Mine works fine at low speeds but when on the highway the left turn passing feature does not work.
Glad to see that was it!! It is nice once you get used to it!!
Signal away!
hey there...kellen here a newbie. forgot to place an introduction and i apologize for that. Just badly need some sort of help and that's why im here. The same problem i had encountered with my nitro and this is the first time it happened to me. The turn signal switch relay just malfunctioned. The one that was in my jeep was producing a one of a kind noise. what i did was that i went to the local junkshop and look for the the part that needs replacement. hopefully i could find one. Im looking for Standard turn signal switch. anyone here know where i can find one? i've check reviews out there and they said Standard is a great brand.

Sorry for posting this late and long reply. Anyway, thanks in advance!

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