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I'm a new member here. So thought I'd just say thanks now. I've learned a lot of tricks so far. Like a dipstick trick #9336 in cm calibration. Mine came with it. :)
Any way. The entire engine bay is accessible, front clip was wankered, AC lines broke. Which it fine, I can't stand AC, it makes me sick. But that's another subject.
The 3.7l Mitsubishi V-6 slammed itself tight. There is no turning it to access the torque converter to fly wheel bolts. So dropped the transfer case. Because the motor has come out with the transmission now, won't happen with transfer case on it. Good thing I have the special 45 dollar dealership dipstick, :) as I now, have had to removed the entire housing, in doing so 2 quarts or so of ATF4 got all over the floor. Great... :) It should be fine right? As the torque converter hold 66% of the fluid, right? Is that Permatex Ultra Black for the gasket? Is it just me, or is a Nitro built like a tank? :)
Also, I believe I have the proper serpentine belt to bypass the AC pump. In doing so, can this effect anything in the hvac system, is there a logical reason why the AC pump is needed, in order for the engine management system to work without issues? Will it affect the heating system?
Thanks. :)
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