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2008 Dodge Dakota Sport Road Test

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The Dakota is supposed to be a mid-size truck. With a wheelbase of 131.3 inches, however, it doesn't feel much different from a full-size truck. This comes from the fact that its wheelbase is actually longer than a current full-size regular cab pickup. And the looking back just a few years, one finds that the overall dimensions of the 2008 Dakota are actually in line with full-size pickups from the Motown and Disco eras. The supersizing of America is certainly at play here.

Outside, inside, and under the hood every model shows significant changes, but it's not an all-new truck. The first thing you'll notice is the more angular Nitro-ish look that begins a newly styled grille, front fascia, rectangular headlamps, a bulged hood, and dropped fenders. The front-end design improves aerodynamics and features better fit and gap management. The new fenders dramatically change the truck's profile, which now includes a rear spoiler, another true aero improvement.

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