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Hello, long story short is my 2008 dodge nitro currently has a basic dash cluster with 130k miles on it, I pulled an upgraded one from the junk yard and it does function and work as advertised with all the nice features like what door is open, compass ability (still working on connecting the computer data line to the dash for communication but have the wiring diagram so wont be long after I get the dash in before I get them talking.) TPMS readings, nice little dodge logo on startup and more. Problem is that the new dash reads 190k miles on it, so I dont want a millage discrepancy on my car from the DMV or have my car showing the wrong miles vs what the body computer says it has (which currently differs from my current dash by just under 1k miles... weird but alright).

With that said, I have some good experience with reprogramming EPROM chips, which is where I believe the millage to be stored at on the cluster. My question is has anyone else had experience in this or does anyone have the circuit board layout for the dash clusters?

Yes I'm fully aware of the legal complications with reprogramming vehicle mileage, this is only to do a cluster swap NOT rewinding millage :)

Thanks in advanced!

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WOW I can't believe you were successful in changing and upgrading your Nitro dash and everything works! I would stop there! I don't know anything about a EPROM chip but I did Goggle it.

An EPROM can thus be reprogrammed again and again, giving a single chip more lives than a cat, whereas the contents of an ordinary ROM are set for all time at the semiconductor factory and cannot be altered. ... Since the development of the EPROM, other forms of programmable memory chips have proliferated like rabbits.

People also ask

How do you program Eprom chips?

What is an Eprom chip?

How many times can an Eprom be erased?

How can data be erased from Eprom?

Can Eprom chips be altered?

It is a ROM with a special difference; its contents can be erased by ultraviolet light. An EPROM can thus be reprogrammed again and again, giving a single chip more lives than a cat, whereas the contents of an ordinary ROM are set for all time at the semiconductor factory and cannot be altered.

I doubt that any member here has ever done what you have, but I do think that mileage can be turned back or the spedo or can be replaced with lower mileage since I have seen that used on a Nitro sold illegally on a local TV show. For me I would care less. Good Luck.

Thanks for your post.

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Yeah I work with computer and mobile programming, have a degree in Aerospace engineering and just about finished with a CIS BS degree, I'm still working on tying in the compass module into the can bus computer line, (dark green & white stripe wire), but everything else has so far worked out, even deflated a tire to check TPMS was working and it shows what tire it was on the dash, shows what door is open, nice big temp reading, all thats not working is compass (have not tried to tie in yet) which reads as dashes right now. I can even talk to the cluster through the OBD2 port and run test and what not. Just need the millage to read the same as the TIPM computer. Its weird you would have though the dash would read the same as the cars ECU or TIPM computer since they all talk on the same internal network. The dealership cant change the millage either which makes since I guess, I just need to find a way to hack the EPROM chip to change the HEX values to match my current dash. But hey I got hope lol.

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The Local TV had a segment on a Used Car Lot that was turning back odometers and was caught because of CARFAX. It got my attention since a Dodge Nitro was involved and it was a large mount of mileage that had been deleted. It was a small shop and several cars were checked and ALL had been rolled back. I was thinking low key and thought maybe they just jacked up the rear wheels and put the car in reverse with the engine running?

Years ago it was common for Dealers to turn back mileage (it was a business that someone would just drop in and ask the sales mgr if they had any work since the Dealer never did it themselves) and I was a Parts Manager for a Chrysler Dealership. We had a used late model Chrysler on the lot and the listing was in the local newspaper and stated "Low Mileage". A customer came in and checked the lot and found the vehicle and then came inside and asked about the "Low Mileage" vehicle. The vehicle had something like 80-100,000 shown miles and someone forgot to have it turned back!

I presently have a 2020 Jeep Compass Latitude 4X4 loaner fully equipped 9 speed. It has one hell of a digital dash and it is the first vehicle I have ever driven that show how fast you are backing up!

I'm sure there is a way. Good Luck

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Not to bump a dead post, but I think I can help. You'll need to take the back cover off the cluster and look for either a 24C16 or 93C76 EEPROM chip and take a dump of it. PM me and I can walk you through what you need to copy over.

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On the topic of clusters, there are several part numbers listed for Nitro:

  • 56044815AI 2007 all trims - no left display
  • 56044816AI 2007 SXT, SLT
  • 56044817AI 2007 all trims - left display
  • 56044818AI 2007 SXT, SLT - ?
  • 56044819AI 2007 all trims - ?
  • 56044993AI 2007 all trims - left display
  • 56044994AI 2007 all trims - ?

  • 5172366AA 2008 SLT, R/T - no left display
  • 5172367AA 2008 SLT, R/T - left display, advanced EVIC
  • 5172368AA 2008 SLT, R/T - left display
  • 5172375AA 2008 SLT, R/T - ?

  • 5172592AB 2009 SE, SLT - ?
  • 5172594AB 2009 all trims - left display, basic EVIC only?
  • 5172595AB 2009 all trims - ?
  • 5172596AB 2009 all trims - ?

  • 5172935AC 2010 all trims - no left display
  • 5172936AC 2010 all trims - left display, basic EVIC only
  • 5172937AC 2010 all trims - ?
  • 5172938AC 2010 all trims - ?
  • 5172939AC 2010 all trims - ?
  • 5172940AC 2010 all trims - ?

  • 5172960AC 2011 all trims - no left display
  • 5172961AC 2011 all trims - left display
  • 5172962AC 2011 all trims - ?
  • 5172963AC 2011 all trims - ?
  • 5172964AC 2011 all trims - ?
  • 5172965AC 2011 all trims - ?

All list as fitment for all trim levels, but none of the listings distinguish them otherwise.
Does anyone know which ones are no evic, evic, and advanced evic, besides the ones I've been able to identify so far?

Were you ever able to correct your cluster mileage?
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