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2008 Motor Trend SUOTY Contender: Jeep Liberty

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One look at the all-new Jeep Liberty, and it's clear where Jeep designers turned for inspiration -- the longer, wider, and more macho Dodge Nitro. If you ask the Jeep people, they'll tell you this second-generation Liberty was designed from the outset to share parts and pieces with the Dodge. That makes sense given they're both made out of the Toledo, Ohio, plant. But whether they were both supposed to have similar features is another story. Current statistics have almost 60 percent of current Liberty buyers being female. No doubt a nice problem to have, but in order to stay true to the Jeep loyalists, it has to score well with men (at least) in equal amounts. Hence the more squared jaw, the absence of a soft and puffy pillow hood and fender, and the return of more classic wheelflares.

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