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That said, I find a perverse enjoyment in driving the Smart on the highway. In most modern cars, doing 80 mph on the interstate is an exercise in tedium - set the cruise control and try not to fall asleep. In the Smart, you're constantly involved in the driving experience. For instance, there's a detent at the bottom of the accelerator's travel, and pushing through it triggers a downshift, sort of the Smart's version of kicking in the secondaries on a four-barrel carb. Once you've downshifted, you can leave your foot on the floor and upshift back into fifth using the paddles, thus dropping revs a bit while allowing full throttle. Using this technique, I can sail up hills without pegging the tach at redline, provided I pull in tight behind our Dodge Nitro support vehicle. That's right, I'm a Dodge-drafter. I see a line of Smarts and they're all painted black.

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"Smart" cars make sense in Europe with their cramped roads, but I wouldn't feel too safe in one here in the States.

Funny thing is they look like HALF of a car, like the back got lopped off.

Well, during a trip to Europe (only my second overseas trip), I actually saw some 4-seater Smart cars! Yup, the back end DID get lopped off for the 2-seater!

In any case, think I'd rather rent (hire) a Mini than a Smart if I had the chance. (Had a Daewoo something in Italy for 2 days ... never figured out if I was really insured or not!!! Boy, driving in Italy is an experience!!!) :eek:

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