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2011 Explorer Gets New Safety Feature

Jun 29, 2010

Ford has a lot riding on the success of the 2011 Ford Explorer, so in order to ensure that success Ford is introducing new safety technology on its soon-to-be-released SUV.

Curve Control is Ford’s latest step in vehicle stability control. The system uses sensors to, “determine whether a vehicle is entering a turn too quickly,” reports Automotive News. “If so, the system applies the brakes to reduce a vehicle’s speed by up to 10 mph within one second, while allowing the car to continue on its intended path.”

The system doesn’t require the addition of new hardware, though Autoblog states that “developing and calibrating the algorithm has taken about 18 months.”

Unlike standard stability control systems, which fight off oversteer (when the rear tires slide), Curve Control is designed to stop understeer (when the front tires slide). The development of Curve Control occurred after Ford determined that, “there are more than 50,000 crashes on curves each year in the U.S. alone,” says the Detroit News.

Curve Control will be introduced first on the 2011 Explorer, but the company, “plans to add curve control to 90 percent of its vehicles by 2015,” Kicking Tires shares.

Curve Control won’t be the only unique safety feature on the 2011 Explorer, as the SUV will also be the first vehicle equipped with rear inflatable seat belts - a belt with an airbag that inflates in an accident to further protect occupants.

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