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New Uconnect Access Has Power to Please, With Ease

• New-generation radio platform delivers built-in connectivity via embedded wireless technology

• New features,
ranging from one-touch 9-1-1 calling to remote door-locking/unlocking

• Fully integrated cloud-based Hybrid Voice Recognition enables Enhanced Text Messaging for greater precision and ease of use

• Upgraded navigation system affords one-step voice-commands for entering destinations (addresses and points of interest)

• Expanded lineup of new, Chrysler-exclusive SiriusXM Radio programming, including 19 channels dedicated to Latino content – an auto-industry first

September 1, 2012 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - Uconnect Access empowers customers, sensibly.

Enabled by a robust, new-generation radio platform, Uconnect Access leverages the highly adaptable Powernet architecture that forms the electrical backbone of the redesigned 2013 Ram 1500 pickup and all-new SRT Viper supercar. The result is the richest range of connected features and services – all supremely intuitive – ever offered by Chrysler Group.

“Chrysler Group has established three pillars as the foundation of Uconnect: speed, accuracy and ease-of-use,” says Marios Zenios, vice president of Chrysler’s Uconnect Systems and Services Organization. “The goal is to provide drivers with a variety of ways to quickly connect with and easily control the information they want and need, while keeping them focused on the primary task of driving.”

Because Uconnect Access taps into the cloud.

Built-In emergency response
Embedded wireless technology is at the core of Uconnect Access, which leverages Chrysler Group’s strategic relationship with Sprint. The companies have jointly developed an advanced service-delivery platform that provides vehicle occupants with direct control, when it’s needed most.

Working closely with industry experts, Chrysler Group has adopted key best practices for contacting first-responders. Accordingly, Uconnect Access combines the reliability of an embedded wireless connection with the speed of bypassing call centers.

By pushing a button mounted on the rear-view mirror, vehicle occupants can speak directly to a 9-1-1 dispatcher, saving valuable time when every second counts.

Uconnect Access applies the same logic to roadside assistance. One push of the “ASSIST” button, also on the rear-view mirror, summons help directly from a roadside assistance provider or Chrysler Group’s Vehicle Customer Care Center.

Peace of mind
Uconnect Access delivers more peace of mind with Theft Alarm Notification, which alerts users via SMS or e-mail whenever their vehicles’ security alarms are activated. For the greatest convenience and flexibility, up to five people can be notified.

Related Uconnect Access features include an app that sounds a vehicle’s horn and flashes its lights – measures that could serve as potential crime deterrents or simply to locate a vehicle at night or in a crowded parking lot.

Put your phone away and drive
Behind the wheel, Uconnect Access reveals itself as an efficient tool to help keep drivers focused on the road by offering various means of managing in-vehicle connectivity.

Pairing the vehicle with a compatible Bluetooth-equipped cell phone featuring the Message Access Profile (MAP) enables handsfree calling and activates an advanced text-messaging system that:

• Announces receipt of a text message sent to the device
• Audibly identifies the sender
• “Reads” the message aloud

Powerful Hybrid Voice Recognition uses the embedded connectivity to access cloud-based voice-recognition and enable Enhanced Text Messaging, which converts the spoken word into verbatim text messages. Communication is limited only by the user’s vocabulary, unlike legacy systems that offer set lists of “canned” responses.

And all this can be accomplished without taking your hands off the wheel.

The same advanced voice-recognition protocol simplifies the often-problematic process of entering navigation-system destinations with both hands on the wheel. For model-year 2013, certain Chrysler Group systems will accept continuous, single-sentence instructions, such as: “Navigate to 800 Chrysler Drive, Auburn Hills Michigan.”

En route, passengers can check e-mail or browse news sites. Wi-Fi capability enabled by Uconnect Access provides in-cabin wireless Internet connectivity via laptop, tablet or smartphone, whether on the move or at the worksite.

Want more convenience? How about remote door-locking or unlocking? Or remote start? All can be performed using either a web portal or the Uconnect smartphone app.

Sound decisions
For 2013, SiriusXM Radio expands its commercial-free music, sports, news and comedy offerings to include new Chrysler-exclusive content, from a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame channel to the humor of Carlin’s Corner.

Additional Chrysler-exclusive features mark an industry first: 19 SiriusXM Radio channels dedicated to Latino programming. They range from La Kueva, which plays Latin rock classics, to Cristina Radio, which features family programming with iconic talk-show host Cristina Saralegui.

SiriusXM Radio and Uconnect Access require subscriptions after a trial offer. Pricing will be announced closer to launch.

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Garmin does new in-dash navigation tricks, steers 2013 Dodge and Chrysler models


You won't be able to leap tall structures in one of Chrysler's new cars with Garmin in-dash GPS hardware, but at least you'll be able to see them. 3D buildings and terrain are among the fresh features in the navigators, along with a new UI, trip planner, improved junction view (by a factor of 25), and enhanced routing. The nav company is one of the cogs in Chrysler's Uconnect service, which will roll out in four models next year: the Dodge Journey, Charger and Dart along with Chrysler's 300. Other players in the service are SiriusXM, which provides weather info and entertainment; and Sprint, which shoulders the in-car data workload through its cellular service. Lest you think that all this infotainment will distract you right into the ditch, worry not -- most of the controls are voice activated.

Garmin® Announces New In-Dash Navigation Features for Select 2013 Model Year Chrysler® and Dodge® Vehicles

OLATHE, Kan./September 1, 2012/Business Wire - Garmin® International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation, today announced the next generation of its award-recognized navigation system built into Chrysler vehicles. The new Garmin solution is part of the Chrysler Uconnect8.4N infotainment system and includes several new features and enhancements. It is available for 2013 model year Chrysler 300, Dodge Journey, Charger and Dart vehicles[1] (offered standard on some models and optional on others). New features include 3D buildings and terrain views, improved traffic and routing functionalities, a refined user interface with enhanced colors and themes that are consistent with each vehicle brand and junction views that now cover more than 60,000 intersections across the U.S., among other enhancements.

"Our partnership with Chrysler has been extremely successful over the last two years, gaining praise from consumers and industry experts alike for the unmatched level of ease of use and reliability of our navigation solution," said Matt Munn, Garmin's managing director automotive OEM. "We're thrilled to now introduce new features to provide drivers even better orientation and road guidance with stunning 3D views and enhanced routing technology."

New features of Garmin navigation for the Chrysler Uconnect system include:

3D Buildings, Landmarks and Terrain Realistic 3D views of buildings and key landmarks throughout major U.S. cities provide drivers better orientation. Using topographic map data, the new Garmin system also displays 3D terrain views of landscape elevations, helping drivers to see what lies ahead.

New, Customized User Interface Garmin introduces a new color configuration and design of its user interface that is customized to Chrysler and Dodge vehicles and provides a more refined look and feel.

Trip Planner, myTrends™and Multi-Route View A new Trip Planner featureallows users to easily plan trips with multiple stops, view routes in an overview screen and edit destinations at any time.myTrends automatically remembers frequent and favorite route destinations based on driving habits and predicts them at certain days and times without the user needing to enter an address. When starting a trip, the new Multi-Route View displays route options, such as fastest and shortest, in one convenient overview map, including time and distance for each, so users can pick their preferred route.

New Routing Features and Enhancements Garmin's new navigation system includes a couple of new features that improve routing. trafficTrends™ predicts traffic conditions and recommends routes using historical traffic data and recurring trends at any given time or day. Garmin's new point addressing technology enhances routing accuracy, for example, where several addresses of a housing complex are combined into a group of house numbers. The new system can now identify each individual house number and navigate there.Additionally, Garmin significantly improved the routing algorithms to provide even fasterroute calculations and destination searches.

Broader Junction View Coverage Garmin's exclusive junction view database now includes nearly 60,000 junction views in the U.S. and Canada, 25 times more than in previous versions. photoReal Junction View realistically displays road signs and junctions along the route with photographic detail to clearly mark the correct lane to be in for interchanges and exits.

Navigation for Uconnect brings the ease of use of Garmin into an original equipment, in-dash radio. The navigator includes highly detailed maps of the United States, Canada, and Mexico with more than eight million points of interest, as well as many cutting-edge features found in the newest Garmin devices. This includes spoken turn-by-turn directions, one-shot address entry via voice command, lane assistance, junction views, speed limit and current speed, a trip computer and mileage log as well as customized vehicle icons that looks like a Chrysler or Dodge vehicle. In addition to displaying the navigation interface and maps on thein-dash screen, the system also makes use of a second display, positioned behind the steering wheel, to easily let the driver see important information, such as next turn, at a glance.

Within the first year of eligibility, Garmin's in-car navigation in the Dodge Charger was recognized as "Highest Customer Satisfaction With Factory Installed Navigation Systems" in the J.D. Power and Associates 2011 U.S. Navigation Usage and Satisfaction StudySM.

Garmin's automotive OEM group provides a broad range of in-vehicle electronics for the automotive industry, including infotainment and telematics systems, navigation software, location-based services, and integrated portable navigation systems. Garmin has dedicated automotive OEM offices in the United States, Germany, China and Japan. The company has agreements with leading brands in the automotive sector such as BMW, Chrysler, Honda, Kenwood, Panasonic, Suzuki and Toyota, among others.

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Chrysler Group’s Uconnect Launches Industry-First Dealer-Activated Navigation System

Factory-installed navigation system activated by dealer days, weeks, months or years after vehicle purchase – an industry-first
Accommodates voice commands for destination entry; responds with turn-by-turn audio and visual cues
Eliminates dashboard clutter incurred with portable devices

Customers can now opt for navigation functionality weeks, months or years after vehicle purchase – an industry-first.

January 7, 2013 , Las Vegas -

The growing importance of navigation systems is not lost on Chrysler Group. Accordingly, the company has unleashed the power of its celebrated Uconnect system to accommodate customers seeking a change in direction.

In an industry-first, Chrysler Group dealers can activate navigation functions in vehicles equipped with certain Uconnect systems. Uconnect offers navigation capability, but not all customers choose the option at the time of sale.

“Sometimes customers don’t realize what they want until they need it,” says Marios Zenios, Vice President-Uconnect Systems and Services. “That’s fine. We can help. With dealer-activated navigation, we are adopting a ‘no-customer-left-behind’ attitude.”

Dealer-activated navigation, featured here at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, makes its debut this year. It will be initially available on the 2013 Ram 1500 full-size pickup, SRT Viper and the 2014 Fiat 500L.

Because the necessary hardware already is resident in the vehicle, dealer-activated navigation affords a major convenience over portable devices, which create clutter and require charging or smartphone data plans – or both.

Dealer-activated navigation boasts the same map data as pre-ordered systems, including:

Points of interest
Junction views
Lane guidance
Speed-limit information
Intersection zoom
Trip programming

In addition, dealer-activated navigation features turn-by-turn audio instructions to further encourage drivers to keep their focus on the task at hand – driving.

Dealer-activated navigation bodes particularly well for used-car buyers, Zenios says.

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Uconnect Access Via Mobile Amps Up Chrysler Group’s In-Vehicle Connectivity

Introducing Uconnect Access Via Mobile – the upgradeable app enabler
Delivers wide range of rich Internet radio content
Personalization capacity enhances vehicle ownership experience
Complements Chrysler Group’s acclaimed Uconnect Access system

Uconnect Via Mobile affords in-vehicle access to leading Internet radio apps

Uconnect Via Mobile affords in-vehicle access to leading Internet radio apps

January 7, 2013 , Las Vegas -

Chrysler Group is pumping up the volume for 2013 by adding Internet radio capability to its acclaimed Uconnect Access suite of in-vehicle features.

Introducing Uconnect Access Via Mobile, which builds on the Uconnect brand’s philosophy of sensible connectivity management to accommodate in-vehicle enjoyment of popular Internet Radio apps.

“The Uconnect team at Chrysler Group is committed to delivering connectivity solutions that enable drivers to further enjoy the in-vehicle experience without compromising the task at hand, which is driving,” says Marios Zenios, Vice President-Uconnect Systems and Services. “Our introduction of Uconnect Access Via Mobile is consistent with this goal.”

Uconnect Access Via Mobile, featured here at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, arrives this year. Vehicle applications will be revealed closer to launch.

The new feature – which accommodates updates – integrates Aha, iHeart Radio, Pandora Internet Radio or Slacker Radio apps with the vehicle’s Uconnect Access system. Content is streamed through the customer’s existing smartphone data plan, leveraging the high-quality sound systems featured in all Chrysler Group vehicles equipped with Uconnect Access.

Content personalization is easy. With Pandora, for instance, drivers can register their preferences by hitting the app’s familiar buttons – “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” – which are displayed on the touch screen.

Similarly, with Slacker Radio, favorites can be identified using the “Heart” button. And tunes that try a customer’s patience can be blocked using the “Ban” button.

iHeartRadio users can personalize their listening experience by saving their favorites in “My Stations” and using iHeartRadio's exclusive Discovery Tuner to control variety.

In addition, steering-wheel controls enable song-skipping.

Apart from the functionality of Uconnect Access Via Mobile, the apps themselves enrich the ownership experience by bringing into the vehicle their own distinctive menus of information and entertainment:

Aha™ by HARMAN
Aha makes it easy to instantly access more than 30,000 stations of audio content including leading internet music services, internet radio, news, entertainment, audiobooks, Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds, customized “Hungry,” and “Coffee,” stations, weather and more. Aha continually adds and curates new stations and content spanning from mainstream to niche. With so much content to choose from, Aha offers something for everyone.

iHeartRadio, Clear Channel's all-in-one, digital music service is now specifically designed for use in-vehicle with in-dash integration, providing safe and easy access for users to listen to their favorite stations from across the country as well as create their own custom stations. With more than 15 million songs and the top live radio stations in America, iHeartRadio features more music backed by better music programming including the expertise of Clear Channel’s leading radio programmers to give users the best custom radio experience available.

Pandora gives people music they love anytime, anywhere. Personalized radio stations launch instantly, with the input of a favorite artist, song, comedian or musical genre. The Music Genome Project®, a deeply detailed, hand-built musical taxonomy, powers the personalization of Pandora by using musicological “DNA” and constant listener feedback to craft personalized stations from a growing collection of more than a million tracks.

Slacker is one of the most complete music service on Earth. Enjoy millions of songs and hundreds of expertly-programmed stations on demand, online, on mobile and now through Uconnect Access via Mobile.

Uconnect Access Via Mobile represents a significant enhancement to Uconnect Access, a system already celebrated by industry watchers as the benchmark for responsible in-vehicle connectivity.

Launched on the 2013 Ram 1500 full-size pickup and the SRT Viper supercar, it features embedded wireless technology. The resulting conveniences are empowering, from one-touch 9-1-1 calling to remote door-locking/unlocking.

The in-vehicle hands-free communication system affords fully integrated cloud-based voice-recognition technology that enables Voice Texting – the transmission of original text messages via natural speech – via Bluetooth-equipped smartphones that use the industry-standard Message Access Protocol (MAP).

The same capability also supports an upgraded navigation system that accepts one-step voice-commands for destination entry, as well as voice-driven Internet searching through which vehicle occupants can locate points of interest. And once identified, a hands-free call can be placed to the POI and/or the POI can be immediately input as a nav-system destination.

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Uconnect Access First Winner of AOL Autos’ Technology of the Year

Uconnect Access inaugural winner of new industry award
Judges cite intuitive design
Public vote clinched victory


Chrysler Group’s acclaimed Uconnect Access system has been named AOL Autos’ Technology of the Year, beating five other finalists and more than 30 nominees.

The TOY judging panel comprised editors from AOL Autos, Autoblog and Engadget. Each had one vote. But an additional endorsement was reserved for the winner of an online vote.

Over two weeks, nearly 20,000 people visited AOL Autos to learn more about the nominees and cast ballots for the most innovative technology. The expert judges’ decision had given Uconnect Access a slender one-point lead, so its victory was not assured until it captured the popular vote.

“We are honored to be recognized by AOL Autos, but the public’s validation of Uconnect Access is especially rewarding,” said Marios Zenios, Vice President-Uconnect Systems and Services. “Clearly, we are on the right track as we focus on designing features that are easy to learn, easy to use and – most importantly – mindful of the fact that driving is the No.1 reason people are behind the wheel. Uconnect Access enables our customers to keep their focus on the road, where it belongs.”

User-friendliness is a hallmark of Uconnect-brand systems. Critics continue to applaud the way they blend touchscreen capability with mechanical controls so customers can choose the most suitable way to connect with the technology.

“Technology surrounds us in all aspects of life, and its integration in vehicles should be no exception,” said AOL Autos Editor-in-Chief David Kiley, who presented the TOY award to Zenios here today at the Consumer Electronics Show. “Drivers shouldn’t have to ask a 12-year old how to get their navigation systems programmed.”

Auto Autos’ Technology of the Year award is new this year. In celebration of Chrysler Group’s win, AOL Autos announced today at CES that it will conduct a sweepstakes giveaway of a 2013 Dodge Dart Limited equipped with a Uconnect system.

Uconnect systems offer a wide variety of features and capability. Uconnect Access currently is exclusive to the 2013 Ram 1500 full-size pickup and SRT Viper supercar.

CES Unveiling
The Uconnect brand also used CES to introduce its latest in-vehicle feature: Uconnect Access Via Mobile.

Launching in the redesigned Ram 1500 and the new SRT Viper, Uconnect Access Via Mobile, integrates Aha, iHeart Radio, Pandora Internet Radio or Slacker Radio apps with the vehicle’s Uconnect Access system. Content is streamed through the customer’s existing smartphone data plan, leveraging the high-quality sound systems featured in all Chrysler Group vehicles equipped with Uconnect Access.

Uconnect Access Via Mobile builds on the capabilities of Uconnect Access, which leverages embedded cellular technology to offer direct connections to 911 operators, customer service and roadside assistance providers. The system also boasts breakthrough Voice Texting, which enables drivers to send text messages using natural speech instead of having to memorize lists of generic messages.

Chrysler Group is the first U.S. automaker to offer cloud-based voice-texting capability.

Uconnect Access also features WiFi hotspot capability and Internet searches via Bing. Simply push the voice-recognition button and request information about, for example, the nearest museum, theater or Italian restaurant.

Bing compiles a list of choices organized by proximity and star-ratings. Make a selection and place a hands-free phone call to the location, or have the address immediately sent to the navigation system as a destination.

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Published on Jan 9, 2013

David Kiley, Editor-in-Chief of AOL Autos announces that Chrysler's Uconnect Access was named the 2012 AOL Autos Technology of the Year. Accepting on the behalf of Chrysler is Joni Christensen, Head of Marketing for Uconnect.
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