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3 Products to Help You Spring Clean Your Car

Apr 04, 2016

Winter will finally be over soon and rain will soon take the place of snow and sleet.

Your car has seen better seasons. Winter takes a toll on your trusty steed, so don’t forget that it needs some love after all the abuse it has taken during the winter months. Here are a few products that can help:

1. Salt Emulsifier

If you live where there’s snow, you have salt to deal with. After a long winter, salt has built up all around your car, and if you don’t get rid of it, it will increase the likelihood of rust. It’s also unsightly and can damage your paint. You need to get rid of all the salt, and a quick run through the carwash isn’t enough. You must go deeper.

If you didn’t use rubber mats in the winter, there are probably salt stains on your carpets, and just washing them with soapy water won’t get rid of the residue. You’ll need a specialized solution for salt. We found a product from Germany that claims to emulsify salt to make it easier to clean off. Whip’s Wax Road Salt Remover is a pretreatment you can spray on the body of your car and on the carpets before you wash them to make sure the salt comes out for good. Doing this before you wash also helps preserve your car’s bodywork because emulsifying the salt means it won’t scratch your paint when you rub a cloth over it.

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2. Microfiber Cloths

When spring cleaning your car, you cannot have enough microfiber cloths. You need to swap them out regularly; every time I clean my car, I go through at least 10 of them and I don’t even have a big car. You need to swap them out because sand and debris gets caught in the cloths and can scratch up your paint. The more you change your cloths, the less likely you are to see marks on your paint. The good thing about microfiber is that besides being absorbent and not leaving lint particles on your car, you can just dump them in your laundry machine to wash them and use them again and again.

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3. Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellant

After your windshield has seen snow, freezing rain and sleet all winter, it’s probably in pretty bad shape. Before spending money on new wipers, try treating your windshield with Rain X first. The original Rain X treatment here works better than the wipes or spray, and even though it takes longer to apply, the results are worth it. Basically, Rain X makes your windshield slippery so water beads off of it, which increases your visibility in wet weather. It works exactly as advertised.

But before you apply Rain X, you have to make sure your glass is clean. Pro tip: DO NOT use Windex, as it’s not formulated for car glass. Rain X also sells glass cleaner that is formulated especially for car glass.

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