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Greetings for

Me and a few people from (dodgeintrepid) are working on a little project. The project is putting in a 4.0L into a second gen dodge intrepid. All I have to ask is a few questions. Dodge them selfs have turned the other way when we asked and gave us spam about buying a nitro lol.

Question 1.
The dodge intrepid uses the 42LE transmission. Does the 4.0L use the 42RLE transmission? If it does then would you know if it's the same bolt pattern as the first gen 42RLEs?

Question 2.
Are the engine mounts different from a dodge intrepid, concord, LHS, 300m and prowler? Heres a picture of the Left front mount.

Question 3.
Does the nitro use a different bolt pattern on the exhaust manifold?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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