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4.0L Whistle?

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Hi everyone,

I've read the TSB for the 3.7L having a whistle noise come from the throttle body, but I was wondering if anyone with a 4.0L had this issue as well?

I've literally just bought my Nitro and I'm taking it in for service because it whistles under acceleration. That and the rear makes a creaking noise when I first drive it, and the front of the roof rack is cracked and warped on the passenger side. Also the exhaust has what I feel is an unacceptable amount of rust for such a new car (was a demo with 6k miles). To say that my nitro isn't making a very good first impression is an understatement. For crying out loud it's a $30,000 car, you'd think they'd have used slightly better materials.

I've driven many dodges before (mostly neons) and have NEVER had any quality issues... go figure? :confused:
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Well I called them today to see how things are going, and they told me the whistle noise is "normal"... I just about started to laugh out of sheer frustration, they said "We had the tech drive the other new R/T on the lot, it makes the same noise so it's normal" I disagreed again and mentioned the TSB for a whistle in the 3.7 and he got quiet for a little, I asked if they could just do the same thing on mine to fix it and he said "Well basically dodge just isn't acknowledging it as a problem on these motors at this point... if we fix it they won't pay us"

So I said "Look, I know how this works... I'll come in tonight to get my car and you'll charge me for the diagnostic time spent looking at something that ended up being quote "normal". I looked at the TSB on-line, I know it only takes a half hour and a drop of silicone to fix this...

at which point he interrupts me "well even so, they won't even pay me for 5 minuets, so I can't touch it"

I told them I will flat out refuse to pay for ANYTHING unless SOMETHING was actually done, fix it and I will pay out of my own pocket "Just fix it, I just want it fixed... what's it going to cost 50 bucks?"

He finally said the tech wants to keep it another day, he wants to find a way to fix it, he's looking into it as best he can, "Don't worry about it, it's not like your warranty is about to expire, who knows maybe Dode will come out with a TSB for the 4.0 soon and you'll end up paying out of pocket for this"

I really could care less if I pay for it... I just want it fixed. This is rediculous...
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WOW! You made your point. "Just fix it!" Now they know you are not looking for something for free and you really do have a complaint. If they can or know how to solve this issue, there are other ways for them to get paid under warranty. I would be surprised if you end up paying for any charges if they are a good Service Department. Hope they find the what is wrong and again, Good Luck!
Well I got it back and they didn't fix anything, nor did they charge me...

I've done some more "investigating" and I'm fairly certain it's an exhaust noise, perhaps a leak. It only happens after the engine has warmed up, and comes form under the engine not up top near the intake tube or manifold. I'm taking it back in on Tuesday for them to check for an exhaust leak.
Here's the whistle, I placed a camera next to my front passenger tire and threw some revs to 2k. Enjoy!

YouTube - Dodge Nitro R/T noise
I commend you on your determination to solve yours and others issue of whistling with your Nitro. It appears that no one at present has a definitive solution anywhere since I have seen your posts in several Forums. Is this only a Nitro Issue? A 4.0 R/T issue only? Have you seen or checked with 2008 Jeep Liberty owners Groups or Forums? I am sure you will prevail in your quest.

I have always told people to take their cars to their Dealership for service, after being an Automotive Parts Manager, years ago. When they reply, why would it make any difference, a mechanic is a mechanic? I always tell them first off their work is guaranteed at a Dealership, and second off 99% of the time if you have a problem they know exactly how to fix your model since they have seen it before!

Well at present you are in the 1 %, I guess.

I remember when Chrysler had an issue with their in-dash amp gauge on their New Yorker. Not only would they not charge, but most would not even start. Customers would have their car towed to a garage where a mechanic not knowing of this issue would start replacing the battery, starter, starter relay, voltage regulator, ignition switch and anything else before it ended up being towed to our Dealership. When I asked them why they didn’t bring it back to the Dealer they bought it from, they said it was too expensive! Yes it did require the replacement of the dash gauge, but it was made out of plastic and was not expensive. I even saw customers that were under factory warrant do the same thing.

Lots of strange things cause issues with cars. I remember a high squeal coming from engines with Motorola alternators that required replacing the diode package. I bet that one drove many owners (dogs too) and mechanics crazy until it was figured out! Again Dealers were the first to know and it was not as expensive as replacing the alternator that may have the same squeal and was covered under warranty.

I may be wrong but if this issue has shown up in the new Jeep Liberty I would think there may be a better chance to see a TSB issued by Chrysler as to its repair. I don’t think Nitro is at the top of their repair list at present. You did register your complaint with Chrysler as other have at Chrysler Customer Assistance Center didn’t you? Interesting to see how they respond to several complaints on the same issue! Again good luck!
I was told by the dealer that this whistle is not caused by the same thing as the whistle on the 3.7L motor. To my knowledge no Liberty model has the 4.0L, so this is a Nitro only issue, and an R/T only issue as far as I've been told.

According to the dealer, all of the new R/Ts on their lot make this sound... however on Tuesday night I'm stopping in the be a P.I.T.A again, and have the tech ride along to listen to yet another noise (transmission is making a groan and a bump when downshifting) and while I'm there I'm going to not only have them listen to this noise from outside the car (where it's REALLY loud) rather than the driver's seat with the windows up.

I'm also going to ask that they allow me to ride along in another new R/T and see if in fact it makes the same noise, and not just a similar one. My whistle has been getting progressively louder... I can now hear it clearly with the windows up and the radio on. Also my fuel mileage seems to be getting worse, and the car seems a tad sluggish. I feel it's a clogged cat, and I want them to really look into it and not just dismiss it as being quote "normal" because some other Nitros make a whistle noise *sometimes* too.

If the other R/T does it, and it's just as loud... I'll back off a bit and wait for Chrysler to give a TSB. Otherwise, if the other R/T only barely does it (or doesn't do it at all) I'll demand they start replacing things to fix it... what you hear in that video is now what I hear from inside with the windows up, and when I taped that the camera was outside right next to where the noise is coming from, so yeah it's louder now.

Yeah I called the 1800 line, and they are next thing to worthless... they yelled at the dealership for not fixing the problem, but at the same time the lady told me the car is "operating as designed" :rolleyes: The dealer and I both got quite a laugh out of that ordeal... :D
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I've located the noise, it's the engine oil cooler. I'm taking it to the shop to see what can be done... I'll report the results ASAP. :D
THe shop claims they removed the oil cooler and it didn't clear up the noise.

They then replaced the oil pump, again it didn't fix the issue. We're working on trying to figure out what to do next.
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