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4.0L Whistle?

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Hi everyone,

I've read the TSB for the 3.7L having a whistle noise come from the throttle body, but I was wondering if anyone with a 4.0L had this issue as well?

I've literally just bought my Nitro and I'm taking it in for service because it whistles under acceleration. That and the rear makes a creaking noise when I first drive it, and the front of the roof rack is cracked and warped on the passenger side. Also the exhaust has what I feel is an unacceptable amount of rust for such a new car (was a demo with 6k miles). To say that my nitro isn't making a very good first impression is an understatement. For crying out loud it's a $30,000 car, you'd think they'd have used slightly better materials.

I've driven many dodges before (mostly neons) and have NEVER had any quality issues... go figure? :confused:
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I just took my 2007 Nitro 4x4 RT in for recall and had the same issue with the whistling in the rear. They told me that the technician drove another and it is "normal." Not buying it and will continue to push. Any information that you can provide would be great. It is annoying to say the least.
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