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4.0L Whistle?

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Hi everyone,

I've read the TSB for the 3.7L having a whistle noise come from the throttle body, but I was wondering if anyone with a 4.0L had this issue as well?

I've literally just bought my Nitro and I'm taking it in for service because it whistles under acceleration. That and the rear makes a creaking noise when I first drive it, and the front of the roof rack is cracked and warped on the passenger side. Also the exhaust has what I feel is an unacceptable amount of rust for such a new car (was a demo with 6k miles). To say that my nitro isn't making a very good first impression is an understatement. For crying out loud it's a $30,000 car, you'd think they'd have used slightly better materials.

I've driven many dodges before (mostly neons) and have NEVER had any quality issues... go figure? :confused:
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I'm getting the same noise but I have enough problems to even bring that up! My truck is 5 months old and the exhaust looks like it's 5 years old?? I love the "works to manufacturer's spec" comment! GOOD LUCK!!:confused:
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