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A Fresh Start
Posted Aug 6, 2007, 04:03 PM by Jackie Headapohl
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By the time I got to work on Monday—the First Day of The New Chrysler—the signs had already been changed to reflect our new start. Some of the executives were greeting employees at the door and handing out Pentastar pins. All of the company Web sites had a new look, and I was surprised to find we had a new guy in charge, Robert Nardelli, appointed by our owners at Cerberus.

That's a pretty big change. But still, I think there was a spirit of optimism and enthusiasm in Auburn Hills today. Thousands of people went to the front lawn for the First Day employee event, where Ron Gettelfinger, Tom Lasorda and Bob Nardelli made some sincere and inspiring comments about this historic day. Then there were the building dancers (very surreal looking), fireworks and a lawn concert—quite a pep rally.

As I watched and listened, I felt that I was part of a historic moment at a company with a proud history and a bright future. I don't think anyone here is fooling themselves. There's a lot of hard work ahead. But today for that hour on the lawn, that work was set aside to display some good old-fashioned pride at being an all-American company once again and to feel a part of a team that could be on the cusp of building something great and lasting.
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