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A pair of Yankee doodle dandies?

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Boy the British sure have a way with words! Interesting read. Are British cars that much better than ours?

Chrysler is once again taking on the British market with two new cars from its Dodge stable. Avenger & Nitro

All bling: the Nitro is a nasty car to drive, with insufficient interior space

Let's face it, looking at this car right now, in 2D, either you want it or you don't. It's called the Dodge Nitro, for goodness sake; it's not a car for wallflowers.

Given that owners will have the attitude to match the looks, it won't concern them that both engine choices, a 3.7-litre V6 petrol and a 2.8-litre turbodiesel, breathe out more than 225g/km of CO2.

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