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I have a 2011 nitro shock, the AC hsnt worked properly since I purchased the vehicle new. It has been into the dealership every year at least twice for the same issue. There is no Freon in the system, the use dye, charge it and tell me to come back. After about 2-3 months it stops working and I go through the same charade again. Theyve replaced the compressor 3 times. I took it to a new dealership because I wanted a 2nd opinion. They charged the system, put dye in it and STILL can't find the leak. They aren't giving me any solution either. I got a free extended warranty because of this issue but that warranty runs out in 4k miles. Anyone have any suggestions? ?

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Welcome 1blueocean

Sorry to hear of your issue but at least it looks as your Dealer has been trying, unlike many would. Since you have extended coverage I would be running the A/C every time I drove the Nitro even if not needed. It must be something they have not seen before not to fix it on the very first service. You might want to review:

Heating & Air Conditioning -
Service Information - Nitro


if you have not already. This is the same Service Info your Dealer would use to attempt repair of your A/C. Maybe there is something they have missed that you can see. Anyway I suggest you keep the air on and return your Nitro again and again if the leak is not repaired.

It would not hurt to report and complain to Chrysler too. Maybe they can assist your Dealer?

No other suggestion but hang in there and Good Luck!

How to Find an Air Conditioner Leak
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