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Dear Members;

Well after my attempt to order a new Dodge Nitro R/T seven months ago with full-time four wheel drive, I have just purchased one without that option. After downloading brochures of the new 08 Dodge Liberty and the 08 Nitro that began production last week, it appears only the Jeep will have that option. I even priced out a new Jeep, but it just doesn’t look as good as a Nitro!

What changed my mind?

Well the just announced “Lifetime Powertrain Warranty “did, and it looks to change others, too. I saw a survey that over 68 percent of respondents would now consider buying a new Chrysler vehicle. I’m sure one week ago the figure would have been much lower. The funniest reply was that someone said was that this will be the first time he will pay a car off and still have warranty coverage on it!

I ended up with more car than what I would have ordered that listed at a whopping $35,000 plus. It is fully loaded with everything I wanted, Stone White (yes I like vanilla ice cream too) sun roof, leather and so on. I would not have ordered the built in GPS MyGIG Multimedia Center, having a portable I-Way 500C GPS unit, or the rear seat DVD video and gaming system with wireless head phones, or the remote start, that added over 3K to the list price, but they are really cool.

From the long list of options this Nitro has everything except an engine block heater and the Smokers Group add-on. WOW!

I am really pleased finding and buying this vehicle in Indianapolis on a rainy day. Will take it back Monday to be cleaned-up, just took it as it was off the lot.

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Congrats Rick!
Glad you're happy, even though you had to settle for less than you originally wanted in some areas and ended up with much more in others. :D

Look forward to pics... ENJOY!!
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