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Alfa Romeo Developing a Certified Used Vehicle Program

Alfa Romeo Developing a Certified Used Vehicle Program

Jan 15, 2019

Want the drama and passion of an Alfa Romeo but can’t quite swing the monthly payment? Fear not, because the Italian automaker is putting together a certified pre-owned vehicle program.

“We’re continuing to build our dealer network,” said Ben Lyon, head of product marketing at Alfa Romeo North America. “And so… we’re working on a CPO program so we can maintain people in the showroom not only from a new but also from a used perspective.” Right now, the automaker has about 170 stores in the United States.

Lyon also noted they’re gunning to deliver “a best-in-class experience overall from soup to nuts, dealer service and product as well.” Getting into the certified used-vehicle market could certainly help them reach this goal.

Alfa Romeo’s CPO program is currently under development. It’s not ready to launch just yet, but it sounds like its introduction won’t be too far off.

“So, right now we have a lot of people who are coming off the first leases that we had for the Giulia, and in the premium space all manufacturers have a higher lease rate compared to mainstream,” explained Lyon. “So, we’re counting on those people coming back into market here mostly this year.”

“[We’re] really focused on being a driver’s car,” noted Lyon. “When you get into an Alfa it just feels different.” By offering certified pre-owned vehicles they’re broadening the reach of this legendary Italian brand.

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