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any suggestions on the loudest air horn for the nitro?

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:D i'm looking to buy some or one air horn with or without a compressor that is not too expensive, preferably less than $100 total, louder than a train horn and can be located in the engine compartment or on the front bumper area without looking like a piece of junk work.

have looked on many websites and this is one that i have found so far. it is on this and they are the "wolo extreme air horn, blue". there is a play sound button to here them and the complete kit costs $26.95 without the shipping. let me know your input and if you have found anything better. thanks again!

mcnabb in louisiana.............:D
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Bad Boy Air Horn

MCNABB said:
i'll try to find a website that has a sound of it so i can try to compare it with the one that i was looking at previously. thanks again.:D
Here is the manufacturer's Web site:

There is a sound file there of the Bad Boy air horn.
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