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any suggestions on the loudest air horn for the nitro?

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:D i'm looking to buy some or one air horn with or without a compressor that is not too expensive, preferably less than $100 total, louder than a train horn and can be located in the engine compartment or on the front bumper area without looking like a piece of junk work.

have looked on many websites and this is one that i have found so far. it is on this and they are the "wolo extreme air horn, blue". there is a play sound button to here them and the complete kit costs $26.95 without the shipping. let me know your input and if you have found anything better. thanks again!

mcnabb in louisiana.............:D
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i have a set of Hadley Bully Air horns that i had on my ram. I'm gonna be putting them on my nitro once i get it this weekend. They are compact and louder than my neighboors train horn lol and he's pushing just over 152 db. They are meant for eighteen wheelers. I'll post pics and a vid once i install them.

Here a pic of when i had it in the ram:

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i'll post some pics once i install them. what sucks is now i have to wait till next week before i can pick up my nitro cuz the paperwork is taking so long:mad:
good to know. i haven't really even looked around yet, well cuz i don't have it yet lol, other than just taking a look at the engine. but it's a small set up so it shouldn't be a problem. worst case mount it to the frame. my gf's uncle has the same horns i do but his are in the engine compartment near his firewall. mine, as u can see in the pic, were mounted right behind the bumper in front of the radiator. mine sounded twice as loud as his and the whenever the tank got refilled i would never hear it unless i was trying to. my gf's uncle on the other hand, whenever his refilled the compressor turned the passenger floor into a massage machine lmao.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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