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Anyone successfully upgraded a 2007 Nitro taillights to LEDs? If so I could use some pointers, specifically on the turn signal.

And does anyone know the factory window tint percentage for the front doors?

Any help would be great!

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Welcome! Good questions I don't know however.

Did find this Info

State Window Tint Laws

As for the LED lights I have not updated my rear lights for the reason you stated, so if you do yours with no issues please post what you use so we will all know. Thanks.

As for as front fog lights I used Alla Lighting H10 9145 Bulb Super Bright 9045 9040 9140 H10 9145 LED Bulb High Power 3030 SMD LED 9140 H10 9145 Yellow PY20D 9145 3000K LED Fog Light Bulbs Lamps Replacement w/Projector (Set of 2)

From Amazon and they are really just what I wanted.

Good Luck!
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