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Aston Martin unveils Mini-me commuter car

Posted Tuesday, Jun 30, 2009, 3:02 pm in Employee News

Sky News reports that carmaker Aston Martin is teaming up with Toyota to create the Cygnet, a sort of Aston ‘mini-me’ based on the Toyota iQ sold in Europe.

Aston says it is releasing details now to gauge reaction and will begin production next year if the response is good.

The Cygnet will be based on the standard Toyota iQ but offer an Aston interior and body kit, with the distinctive front and leather interior, the story said.

Better known for its high-end performance cars, the company has been hit by a sharp fall in demand for its sports cars.

According to the firm, the Cygnet is designed to be a “luxury commuter” car which is a nod to the trend that “small is beautiful these days.” (Sky News)
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