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Banned driver was four times over limit
June 4, 2015

A DRUNK who crashed his car while his licence was suspended, then told the police his friend was driving, has been handed a suspended jail sentence after appearing in Bathurst Local Court.

Aakarshak Amarinder Singh, 26, of Lambert Street, Bathurst, was already disqualified from driving until September 2024 when, in January this year, he crashed his Dodge Nitro while driving with a blood alcohol level four times the legal limit.

Police facts tendered to the court told how on January 9 Singh was at the Oxford Hotel when he was refused service and asked to leave the hotel due to his level of intoxication.

He tried to get back into the hotel but was again refused entry. He then got into his black Dodge Nitro, which was parked out the front of the hotel, and drove into the car park of the Cobb and Co Cellars before driving off erratically, causing the car to fishtail.

Singh drove through the roundabout where the nearside of the vehicle collided with the intersection, causing the car to spin, hit the median strip and then tilt onto two wheels.

As a result the car’s nearside tyre dislodged from the vehicle and the brake disc fell off.

Singh then got out of the car and ran to a friend’s house, asking him to “drive his car”.

In the meantime, police attended and found Singh’s mobile phone in the foot well of the car and spoke to witnesses who saw him driving and then flee the scene. Singh then returned to the crash scene with his friend.

Witnesses positively identified Singh as the driver. When police spoke to Singh he told them he was not the driver of the car, saying it was his friend.

A roadside breath test returned a positive result and Singh was arrested and taken to Bathurst Police Station where he recorded a reading of 0.206, four times the legal limit.

Police also spoke to Singh’s friend, who denied driving the car but would not provide a statement to police because he had recently arrived in Australia and his sponsor was a close family friend of the accused.

Following his arrest Singh continued to deny he was the driver of the car, saying the police “had it all wrong”.

On the high-range PCA matter, Singh was disqualified from driving for three years from the expiration of his current disqualification period and had his habitual offenders declaration quashed.

He was also sentenced to 15 months’ jail, wholly suspended under Section 12.

For driving a motor vehicle while his licence was disqualified he was banned from driving for a further two years from the expiration of the current period of disqualification and ordered to undertake 200 hours of community service.
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