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But with a full-dress Town & Country, your children will have "Swivel 'n Go" captain's chairs in the second row. The chairs turn to face the rear bench seat. A pedestal table between the rows converts the passenger van to a rec room. For added distraction, button-operated motors automatically fold the split rear bench and stow it flat in the floor.

Children also get retractable window shades, a rechargeable flashlight and adjustable reading lamps coupled with glowing, blue, ambient mood lighting that outlines the long console overhead. They get a sliding front-floor console. They get a push-button power liftgate in the back and power sliding side doors left and right. They get two fold-down 8-inch video screens that show not only DVDs, but also television broadcasts of three children's networks via satellite from Sirius Backseat TV.

Madeleine declared it is the best car ever for kids.

"It's like a house," she said, "cause you can play in it and there's all sorts of places to put your toys and everything and you can even eat in it if you want to because there's a table and everything. You couldn't really live in it because there's no beds or bathrooms or anything but you can take naps in it and you can spend all your time out here playing."

LINK:Motor Mouth: New Town & Country keeps kids in line -, North Andover, MA
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