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A review of the BOLT receiver lock featuring one key technology


I recently found that the receiver lock on my Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab was getting harder and harder to deal with when I was changing my hitch receiver so I began shopping around for a new lock. I was first introduced to the BOLT products at the SEMA Show with their “one key lock technology” and considering how handy their product appears – I picked one up for my own truck.

For those who have not heard of the BOLT products before, their locks do not come with keys but rather, you code the locks to your car or truck so that there is no need to carry an additional key – your factory car or truck key operates the BOLT lock.

How the BOLT receiver lock (and all of the other BOLT products) works is surprisingly simple. When you open the package, you insert the desired key from your car or truck into the key hole and turn the key 180 degrees. After that, your new BOLT receiver lock is coded to your key and from there – it operates like any other receiver lock except instead of using a provided key, you use the key from your vehicle. This cuts down on the amount of clutter on your keychain while also removing one less tiny key to keep track of and it really is that simple.
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