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Bought my Nitro RT 2 days ago..

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And LOVING IT!!! I can't stop driving it although the thing guzzles gas like an ogre!!!! I got it with 8 miles on it and in two days, i'm up to 450 miles(that's also because my wife just HAD to take her girlfriends around town to go party!!!!!).

I LOVE MY RT but am quite concerned after reading all of these posts about mechanical problems..

So far so good!!! OH, one more thing; UConnect is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tacoma, WA
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Glad to hear you like it! I still feel the same way and have had mine since Jan. Don't get to worried about the mechanical problems...Many of those were issues when the first cars rolled off the line and have been address now. I have only had a few minor things with any new car...
Welcome to the club!
Welcome- Let's see it, post some pics and show off! :)
What color did you get? The R/T's are not having as much trouble as the SXT and SLT.
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