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Box on Wheels Could Use Some Packing Peanuts

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Test drove: 9/11/2007 to 9/25/2007

Box on Wheels Could Use Some Packing Peanuts
By: Sara Lacey

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to drive a box? Wonder no more, my friends — just take a Dodge Nitro out for a test drive. I spent two weeks in the 2007 Nitro and can say with certainty that this is what it would feel like to be boxed up and shipped overnight.

There’s nothing smooth about the Nitro; it could use some packing peanuts inside to soften things up a little. The look is very sharp and cornery, both inside and out. Even the nifty Load ‘N Go floor (a tray that slides out in the rear cargo area) has a sharp edge on which I cut myself. I was just trying to push the tray back in and — youch! Blood everywhere.

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A complete whinny baby about trivial things that she obviously missed the designed use of, she picked out the one NHTSA test that was not 5 star rated (any SUV has a tendency to roll over when pushed beyond it's limit), and complained about the better than average performance of the engine and transmission. Wow, I would really hate to be her kid, never attempt to color inside the box, you might get it wrong!
"blah, blah, blah, whine, whine, whine..."

...its a guy thing, she wouldnt get it.

Maybe she should go check out a Jeep Liberty with its *fabric* sunroof thing! Although she might get a rug burn on that :eek:

...or go back to writing "reviews" on products that she understands.
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