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Can somone clarify for me? (aftermarket, warrenties)

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Well, i have heard this for a while and i put it at the back of my head for a bit. My dad, who is a Dodge car dealer in Englwood, NJ reminded me of how having ur car dropped completly voids the warrenty. so now that ive been thinkin, i did some research and found 1) just having it doesn now warrenty, the place where ur getting it service can only deny it if they prove that it was the cause of accident.
well lets just saw worst case scenario: definatly voids then....

with neon, i could just take it off when i get a tune up or if i need it serviced. but the main part of this thread is to just see if anyone can clarifying how this regulation/law is stated and experiance and such.

lol i know im talking about uneeded equipment but with my new coming SRT with 20' shoes..cmon man thad be phat.

thanks in advance,
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Your warrenty can only be voided that if they can prove that your aftermarket part is the direct cause for the problem. Otherwise they are breaking the law in refusing you the warrenty service.

Tell your dad to look up the Magnunson-Moss Act.

If you drop your car then your suspension won't be covered under warrenty anymore but everything else will.
oh my god thank you sooo much youve really helped me.

so basically if everything goes as planned my dad could get my car dropped for free and im thinkin of dishing out 200 smackeroos for some neon.
Same goes here in Australia.
Saying that, if the aftermarket part causes the problem, then the manufacturer of that part should be covered under it's own warranty....if that makes sense.
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