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Can you delete the sliding floor? Dog friendly?

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I have a Rott and was looking for a lower loading platform on my next SUV to replace the aging 2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo. While the Nitro looks like a good option, I would like to get an SLT or possibly R/T but WITHOUT the sliding floor!

The reason is that I need a stable, secure platform for my dog to ride on. Can you get a SLT or R/T without the sliding back floor?

ANYBODY have experience with the Nitro and bringing along their Rott or other 'larger' dog? How is it working out for you?
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I have 2 70 lb dogs, and they fit in the cargo area pretty well. I don't have the sliding floor, but I have an sxt so, can't help ya there. The only thing I see is that its easy for the dogs to jump over into the back seat, the seat back is kinda low. mine listen pretty well, so after one or two jumps they learned not to do that. But still, you might consider one of those doggie nets or something.
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