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Can you delete the sliding floor? Dog friendly?

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I have a Rott and was looking for a lower loading platform on my next SUV to replace the aging 2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo. While the Nitro looks like a good option, I would like to get an SLT or possibly R/T but WITHOUT the sliding floor!

The reason is that I need a stable, secure platform for my dog to ride on. Can you get a SLT or R/T without the sliding back floor?

ANYBODY have experience with the Nitro and bringing along their Rott or other 'larger' dog? How is it working out for you?
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I have a 2 Border Collies in & out of the Nitro with the Load n Go all the time. Neither dog has had any issues at all. The floor is very stable & the "hole" or handle is covered by their dog blanket anyway.

All that said, I don't think we've really used the Load n Go at all.

scalewoodman said:
Thanks everybody! I want the leather interior and premium amenities, still not sold on the sliding floor idea.

I looked in the dealerships and it seems like the Load 'N Go floor is actually HIGHER than the non moving... my other concern was the handle area is not very 'paw friendly'... Is this true? The sliding floor is actually HIGHER? It seemed like it would be harder to clean, i.e. more nooks and crannies for hair-- although the Warrierbob solution (carpet) would be something that would compensate for that. The folding 2nd row seatbacks look to be hard plastic, again not very dog friendly (Jeep uses carpet at least).

My first idea was to find a lower floor height-- so I ruled out the Jeep Commander with that dumb 3rd row that is actually HIGHER than the rear opening... and the new Grand Cherokee's cargo area is actually SMALLER than the original '01 vintage plus higher still (about the same as the Nitro)... so the Nitro fits the bill and it's less expensive and has the improved SelecTrac drive system anyhow.
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