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The invoice price is the price the dealer pays the manufacturer for the vehicle. The dealer then sells the vehicle to you at a mark up.

The sticker price is the suggested retail price the manufacturer sets for the vehicle. The dealer can basically sell the vehicle for any price he wants. A new hot selling vehicle will sell for more than the sticker price, such as the case with the early Miatas or PT Cruisers, but generally you should make an offer below the sticker price.
Low end vehicles or base models have less of a mark up as opposed to high end or fully loaded ones. I don’t know the invoice price right now on a Nitro but you should get about 10% off the sticker price on a high end trim model.

It all depends on your comfort level of negotiating. The dealer sells vehicles for a living. We buy maybe one every 5 years or so? I personally do not like the buying process. I am not a good haggler.

I hope this helps. You can search the net for tips on car buying. If you’re happy with the price you end up paying then all is good. If you feel like you are being taken advantage of then walk away. Never never sign anything until you are ready to buy and put your money down. A signed offer to purchase is binding even if you are still haggling and haven’t finalized the price.

As Phazer says the price on the sticker can climb pretty quickly after the extras and taxes are added.

Have fun and good luck.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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