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DETROIT - Ford Motor Co. has begun to make good on a 2006 promise to get rid of the gas caps on its entire model lineup.

Jettisoning the pesky caps, which often wind up left on trunk lids or dangling from cars as they fly down freeways, will become most apparent in the new 2009 F-150 pickup truck, Ford's top-selling vehicle, which was unveiled this week at the North American International Auto Show. It will hit showrooms in the fall.

The system, which came from Ford's NASCAR racing experience, first appeared on the 2003 Ford GT sports car. It has two small spring-loaded tabs that pull back a flap inside the fuel filler neck as the nozzle hits them. When the nozzle is pulled out, the flap closes.

More here -- Capless fuel tank makes its debut; automakers say more on the way
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