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Sept. 22, 2008

Photo: Cardiologist Shows Off His LUV

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Sept 22, 2008 -- Pediatric cardiologist Rush Waller wears his heart on his sleeve -- and all over his car. Dr. Waller recently unveiled his new Le Bonheur Utility Vehicle (LUV) to celebrate the children's hospital that has been a big part of his life. His new Dodge Nitro has been transformed into an ad on wheels for Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center.

To view the Multimedia News Release, go to:
Cardiologist Shows Off His LUV | With Photos

The brightly colored Dodge Nitro was Waller's idea -- he wanted to do something to share the excitement he feels about the new hospital, which is under construction. Waller approached the hospital's marketing team and volunteered his car to be a traveling billboard. Le Bonheur Children's is building a $327-million, 12-story hospital scheduled to open in 2010.
It was a crazy idea, but Marketing Manager Julie Ashby couldn't refuse the offer. "All of us who work at Le Bonheur believe this is a special place, but I don't know many who would volunteer to do something like this," she said.
Waller's wife, Clara Gwen was equally surprised. "At first, I thought he was joking and then I wondered what the neighbors would think," she said.
Waller, who has worked at Le Bonheur since 1999, says he's proud to be part of the medical team that cares for 130,000 children each year. He currently serves as the president of the Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Medical Staff and medical director of Le Bonheur's Catheterization Lab.
"I'm excited and happy about the new hospital. It's my life. I want people to know that Le Bonheur Children's is the place in Memphis that cares for children with everything from broken bones to brain tumors," he said.
Waller has a long history with Le Bonheur Children's. His late grandmother, Virginia Waller, was a member of the original Le Bonheur Club that raised money to build the original hospital.
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