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Ford & Chrysler tell lawmakers cost of cars will go up without new international bridge


Ford and Chrysler say you will be paying more for cars if lawmakers don’t approve a plan to build a new state-owned bridge from Detroit to Windsor.

They sent representatives to a hearing held by the state senate’s economic development committee on Wednesday. The committee heard arguments as to why the state should or should not build an international bridge.

Both automakers say another crossing is needed. They say congestion is terrible at the border, and that if they could transport their parts and cars faster it would save you a lot of money.

“The integration of our industry makes the movement of trade between the U.S. and Canada important and dependent on each other,” Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne has said in a past statement submitted to lawmakers. “The North American automobile industry and hundreds of thousands of employees in vehicle assembly and parts production depend on the smooth flow of just-in –time deliveries across its critical border gateway.”

While automakers fight for the new bridge, the Detroit International Bridge Company continues to carry out a campaign against it. It doesn’t want the competition from the state. It wants to build another bridge itself.

Lawmakers also heard testimony from an economist opposed to the proposed state owned bridge during Wednesday’s hearing.

This hearing comes at a key time. State lawmakers could vote on the issue as soon as next week. Many on the economic development committee say they haven’t decided which side of the proverbial bridge they are on.

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