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Caruma: Connected Dashcam That Monitors the Road and the Driver


A Palo Alto start-up called Caruma has just launched on Indiegogo a connected dash cam.

Using dual high-definition cameras with wide-angle lenses and a variety of sensors (GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, infrared proximity, thermometer, and barometer) Caruma records activity inside and outside the vehicle.

the device (embedding a LTE modem, Wi-Fi and BLE chips) then sends a notification to the user’s smartphone when it senses anything out of the ordinary - sounds and movement that could mean a collision, vandalism, theft, speeding, geofencing, or aggressive driving.

The device uses light - red is unsatisfactory, green is exceptional - to give drivers real-time feedback of their driving habits. Using these driving scores the company will work with car insurance companies to develop personalized rates for Caruma drivers.

Caruma continuously captures video on the device allowing users “to record a video clip of an accident or a spontaneous karaoke session“ and then instantly upload it to Facebook or others.

Backers can pre-order Caruma for $279 (full price will be $399). The campaign, will run from July 14, 2015 through August 13, 2015, aims to raise $100K. The company expects to ship Caruma by April 2016.

The idea of the dual camera is interesting - for example to detect driver drowsiness - however the device seems a bit overpacked with technologies which makes the end price quite high and a lack of clear focus (i.e. from accident to karaoke recording).

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